Friday, September 30, 2011

152. Kelantan Pitis ss8

image 1: obverse and reverse of Specimen 1
image 2: obverse and reverse of Specimen 2

image 3: inscriptions on Specimen 2
       My pair of Kelantan Pitis coins. According to my source, this series is among the rarest of Kelantan Pitis, even rarer than the first Pitis, SS1. Relatively, while my source has a few hundred pieces of pitis coins, he only has 2 pieces of this coin, one in extra fine condition and another in good condition (refer to Image 1). The one in extra fine condition will cost me few hundreds, hence I resorted to a poor condition (Specimen 1).

    And today, I acquired another coin of this series, by a pure luck. Plus, it has an extra feature. It seems this coin has a set of "horns".

   Upon acquisition of the second coin, I decided to part myself with the first coin. But only later I found out that those coins are of different varieties, perhaps they came from different mould sets. A beauty of Malay Sultanate coinage.

Category Coin > Malay Sultanate > Kelantan
Country Of Origin Kelantan (Now a state, a part of Malaysia)
Date 1170 - 1882 
Grade G / EF
Denomination One Pitis / One Keping
Shape Round
Weight 6.73g average from SS
Diameter 29mm - 30mm from SS
Thickness -
Composition Tin
Population Unknown
Reference SS8, P.126
Category Normal Circulation Coinage
Demonetized Yes
Engraver/Designer -
Designer's Initial -
Mint Mark -
Variety 2 varieties.
Edge Plain
Obverse Within a plain circle, in Jawi, "Khalifatul Mukminin" - Ruler of the Faithful
Reverse Two plain line circles between the edge and the central hole
Extra Note Rarity level indicated by Saran Singh is R out of RRRR and RR out of RRRR for retrogaded inscription.


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Yes, we too rarely seen these pitis.
Congratulations, mnfaj :)

mnfaj said...

Thank you for visiting in! Looking for more pitis to fill in this blog. Thanks. :)

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