Friday, September 23, 2011

149. Johor Penjuru Coin Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah

image 1: obverse and reverse of the coin
One step further into Malay Sultanate coinage. This is truly my first silver coin from group Malay Sultanates. As I still do not have proper instruments to measure its weight, its diameter is approximately 16mm. And it is currently unlisted in Saran Singh's book, nor I can find it elsewhere on the Net. Any comments would be very appreciated. Thanks.


lunaticg said...

Should go and check galeri numismatik BNM bro.
I also don't remember this coin in any of my books. There is one johor silver in my photos collection but the wording is different too.

mnfaj said...

The penjuru coins are very rare, and some hardcore collectors reported they are lot of unlisted variety of penjurus. Yeah will try to steal some time to go there.

abu dervish said...

First time I ve seen this coin. Mine is similar to SS

I would recommend you posting the coin at

There are some moderators who are expert in Islamic South East Coins. I always receieve guidance from them. Ask them if this coin genuine or not.
Also buy the scale from Ebay, cheaper around Rm50. Last time I bought from kedai in KL, they charged me about Rm200 alasan its rare lah...susah nak dapat la...semua bs.
Good Luck

QiLaF MaTo said...


i have this coin

if u interrested i can send email for proof or meet me up.

i wanted to sell the gold coin

Email :

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