Monday, September 26, 2011

150. 10 sen 1999 off-center strike

image 1: obverse and reverse of the coin

This is an off-centre strike error coin, dated 1999 10 cent Malaysia.

This type of error happens when the planchet is not fed into the coin press correctly, and only certain part of the coin is struck.

There is a difference between an off-centre strike error coin and misaligned die error coin. The difference is a misaligned die error coin is struck in collar but on of the dies (the design) is off centered, while an off center is struck out of collar

To be qualified as an off-centre strike error coin, both the obverse and reverse must be equally off centre and part of the designs elements must be missing

Off-centre strike error coin is a random error, no two specimens are ever exactly alike.

Collectors usually categorized this error in terms percentage of how much the design is missing and the location of the miss-struck. In this case, this is an approximately 10% off-centre, located at 3 o'clock at obverse.

In this specimen, I observed that there are additional features.

At 6 o'clock, there is a "peeled" metal, located at obverse. What had caused this?

And there is also a "scratch" on obverse, around 11 to 12 o'clock.

I love to see the fishtailing of word "BANK" on reverse and the patina on the surfaces of this coin. Considering that this specimen was found among the circulation coin, I guess that I must be in a real luck to meet this coin.



depankanta said...

Salam mnfaj,
Syabas,syiling off centre strike error sangat sukar diperolehi apa lagi pada pemburu syiling dalam edaran macam depankanta..
Memang syiling off centre strike error yg major begini adalah random error kerana ianya melibatkan kerosakan yg serius pada semua instrumen dan mesin yg terlibat dalam kerja2 penempaan,tentu pihak kilang cepat sedar dan mengambil tindakan segera menghentikan operasi mesin dan membaikinya jadi tiada lagi syiling lain pada batch itu..(sekadar pendapat)
Tahniah dan terima kasih banyak2 mnfaj...

whycollect said...

Hi mnfaj,
These off center strike coins are not easily found among the coins in circulation.
Its not easy for these coins to get through the counting machines.
They would have stuck to the machines during the pre-distribution process.
Our best of luck to you, mnfaj :)

mnfaj said...

Salam depankanta,
Ya, betul tu. Kebetulan sangat saya dapat syiling ini daripada seorang rakan yang berniaga. Rasanya hendak berniaga pula lah, syiling sentiasa datang. Haha. Terima kasih.

mnfaj said...

Hi whycollect,
Yea I believe so, but I do not know somehow my friend who is not a collector found this coin among his daily transactions. Perhaps this one was smuggled? Who knows. Thank you for visiting. :)

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