Thursday, August 11, 2011

141. Terengganu Coin Pitis Sultan Baginda Omar 1849

image 1: obverse and reverse of the coin

image 2: highlighted inscriptions on the obverse

        This is the same coin as I posted earlier here in a nicer condition. For those who are collecting Malay Sultanates coin, I suggest that this coin is a must in your collection. I repost the information of this coin for your convenience.

       Lot of these coins were found to be off-centered struck. A pair of perfectly-centered and off-centered struck coins would be good for collection I suppose.

      I think a price range of RM5 for poor condition to RM50 in a top grade condition is suitable for this coin.

Category Coin > Malay Sultanate Coin > Terengganu
Country Of Origin Terengganu (Now a state, a part of Malaysia)
Date 1849
Grade about Extremely Fine
Denomination One Keping / One Pitis
Shape Round
Weight 1.62g from SS
Diameter 22mm from SS
Thickness -
Composition Tin
Population Unknown
Reference SS12, P.94
Mint -
Category Normal Circulation Coinage
Demonetized Yes
Engraver/Designer -
Designer's Initial -
Mint Mark -
Variety -
Edge Plain
Obverse On obverse, in Jawi, "Duriba fi Tarkanu Sanat 1265", (Struck in Terengganu on year 1265 AH = 1849). Some strokes exist, probably as decoration purpose.
Reverse Blank
Edge Plain
Extra Note The inscriptions are incused. Rarity level indicated by SS is RR. But personally I believe that this coin is quite common, for now.


lunaticg said...

Its hard to find this coin unless someone release a large quantity of this coin recently or counterfeit is come in to our coin market.

mnfaj said...

Hi lunaticg,
The rarity meant here is not rarity in the market, which of course you can never bought this coin in the open market. The rarity here refers to the possibility of finding this coin, if a hoard of old coins were dug from earth. I believe almost near to 100% that counterfeit of this coin is not exist, at least yet, because these coins were discovered by metal detecting activity. By the way thank you for your visit. :)

doktor psiko said...

fadli nak share la duit yg saye pos aritu mcm mane?,,,, senyap jer..sibuk ker/./... 019-3985847,,saye kat kuantan kerja...

Harraz Harzan said...

i have this coin pm me in whatsapp if you won't 0199900362

Harraz Harzan said...

i have this coin pm me in whatsapp if you won't 0199900362

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