Wednesday, August 10, 2011

140. Malaysia 20 sen 1982 UNC/BU TONED

image 1: obverse and reverse of the coin

        While scrutinising some coins few weeks ago, I spotted this piece among the coins. Nothing special about this coin. Not a keydate issue particularly, nor an error coin.

     This coin shines among others. With its soothing yellowish tones, I think this coin's grade falls between UNC and BU. Too bad the tones cannot be captured well by my scanner.

     By the way, how come this nice, uncirculated coin with nice tones survives the ravages of time, weather and handling, for about  more than 20 years?

Category Coin > Malaysia
Country Of Origin Malaysia
Date 1982
Condition UNC to BU with yellowish luster
Denomination 20 Sen
Shape Round
Weight 5.65g
Diameter 23.5mm
Thickness -
Composition Copper-Nickel
Population 97 905 000 pieces
Reference KN5
Mint Royal Mint of Llantrisant
Category Normal Circulation Coinage
Demonetized No, but currently being phased out
Engraver/Designer - / Geoffrey Colley
Designer's Initial GC at the bottom right of the Parliament Building on obverse
Mint Mark No
Variety Not exist
Edge Milled edge / Reeded edge
Obverse Parliament House of Malaysia and a crescent moon and star, representing Malaysia's Concept of Parliamentary Democracy and Islam as the National Religion.
Reverse Hibiscus, the National Flower, with the word "MALAYSIA" and the year of minting and denomination, spaced by a dot.
Extra Note


Anonymous said...

Hi mnfaj,
Thats the beauty of coins collecting.
Once in a while, you will be rewarded with a top grade specimen for your perseverance, haha.
Congratulations mnfaj :)

Dickson Niew said...

In Numismatics,one coin is predicted and expected to last for 20 years in circulation.First series of Parliament design was lasted for 21 years,i.e.1967-1988,second series,the Bunga raya will be replaced soon,it lasted 22 years.(1989-2011).

depankanta said...

Salam mnfaj,
Ini dah kira penemuan istimewa,bagaimana sekeping syiling yg sudah beredar selama 20 tahun dijumpai masih bergred BU/UNC..Penemuan ini lebih sukar dari syiling yg minor errors..Tuah mnfaj!..
Terima kasih dan selamat berpuasa...

mnfaj said...

Hi whycollect,
true indeed, perseverance does give reward sometime. Thank you for hopping in. :)

mnfaj said...

Hi Mr Dickson,
Thank you for the information. Then this piece is doing his job better, more than 20 years but still in mint condition!

mnfaj said...

Salam depankanta,
Terima kasih, ini penemuan secara kebetulan sahaja. Ya betul itu, penemuan ini membuatkan saya berfikir untuk menyempurnakan kesemua tahun dalam keadaan UNC/BU. Sudah tahu lambat laun saya akan mengumpulnya juga, cuma mencari masa yang sesuai. Terima kasih kerana berkunjung dan selamat berpuasa juga.

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