Saturday, January 22, 2011

53. Sarawak Government Treasury Notes Ten Cent 1862 - 1863 Rare - Spotted

photo of theoldgraymare09

     I think these notes are rare in the market. Being priced for a whooping RM36k per pieces, only serious collectors dare to join the battle in obtaining them.

      Recently these two notes are being auctioned in eBay, two notes in a single auction! I watched it and incredibly it was ended for the price of 10k USD! around RM30k, so it means that each note sold for RM15k each. Now I must say that collecting banknotes is crazy.

     Here are the information provided by the seller;

Here are 2 ten cent notes from the country of Sarawak which is part of Borneo.  They have been folded but are not creased and are in very good condition.  They were brought from the orient around 1875 by O. B. Bradford who was an envoy to China.  Someone asked if they are on watermarked paper and they are.

     These notes were signed by H.E Houghtan. The watermark on these notes is of words "Sarawak Government Treasury" on 3 lines. The top one is slightly arched up and the bottom one is arched down.

   I just want to share it with fellow collectors of these lovely notes of our country. By the way who actually had won the auction? If you are reading this can you add extra information of your new treasured notes to share with us. ;)


Anonymous said...

I think the ebayer who won the note is "epapermoney"

Anonymous said...


mnfaj said...

anon: wow I think he is a big name in ebay

whycollect: absolutely!

MGMSabri said...

crazy...not yet in that stage... marvelous.

mnfaj said...

yeah sabri, dont worry we will get crazy soon, slowly. hehe

Aleks banknote collector said...

Nice notes !!!
But I think that the price is too high :-)

Ambrose Nathan said...

this is nostalgic as I was a bidder and lost

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