Wednesday, January 5, 2011

50. Malaya 1941 10 Cents Uniface Note

Image 1: Obverse
Image 2: Reverse

Country of Origin: Malaya ( Now a part of Malaysia )
Denomination: 10 Cents
Prefix(s): Non-prefix
Dimension: 101mm x 64mm
References: K.N Boon B8a
Category: Normal Circulation Note
Signature(s): H. Weisberg as the Chairman of the Commisioners
Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Co
Watermark(s): no watermarks
Portrait: King George VI
Extra Note: Blank on reverse, currently 3 varieties exist. This note belongs to first variety, B8a (K.N Boon)

     This note is quite cheap in the market, for this condition you can buy it around RM20 or maybe lower than that if you are lucky. But, as usual, this note got 3 varieties. Completing them requires patience, and of course, money. And it gives me some kind of thrill!



J. Verheyden said...

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Anonymous said...

Guess it won't be cheap soon.
Price of every old circulation banknote in high grade seems to be going up, nowadays.
Thanks alot for sharing, mnfaj.

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