Wednesday, January 11, 2012

171. 50 sen 1984 doubled die obverse

image 1: obverse of the coin

image 2: reverse of the coin

image 3: 4 images of different doubled GC, credit to GSK

image 4: close up view of the GC, 50 times magnification

image 5: close up view of the GC

image 6: doubling on the part of Parliament Building showing clear separation

image 7: another part of Parliament Building which is farther from the location of doubling which shows no doubling

Many thanks to blogger Nu who was pointing this Doubled Die Obverse (DDO) out to us some months ago.

After he wrote this article, I quickly search for this coin but to no avail. Only recently when I asked my fellow friends in my facebook group, it seems that there are many of these DDO has been kept by collectors. Most of them are not aware that this is another variety of 50 sen 1984 - which can be included into doubled die variety category.

Doubled die variety coin is a booming niche in numismatic scene in the US.

And it is sad that none of this doubled die coin - which many of them are monstrous - are not listed in our local catalogue. And suprisingly die gouge errors were listed!

The best part of collecting variety coin is that it trains us to be more particular. I myself am not aware of this doubling until Nu pointed this out. Furthermore, variety coin collecting gives challenge in analysis part - of what kind of doubling. Currently there are eight classes of doubled die. And last but not least, collecting variety coin is fun, rewarding and cheap. Only some knowledge, passion and perseverance are required, not handsome money.

For this coin, it is obvious the doubling is offsetted to 4 o'clock direction. But the doubling only cover on area around 4 o'clock at the obverse, nearer to the rim. Could it be a Tilt Hub Doubling?


Anonymous said...

Hi mnfaj,
Wow, noticed you have collected quite a number of these double die.
Yes, agree with you these niche in the error coins is very interesting.
But honestly our aging eye sight is failing us though we still try as much as we could to look for these varieties.
Keep it up, mnfaj.
Each new variety of double die amazes us ;)

depankanta blogspot said...

Salam mnfaj,
Bagi DDO yg terlalu kecil spt ini,pemerhatian yg sangat teliti diperlukan.Untuk perkongsian pula foto close-up sebagaimana yg mnfaj tunjukkan ini sangat jelas dapat dilihat dan diteliti bersama.
Bagi menguatkan lagi bukti ianya DDO,alangkah baik sekiranya dapat dipamirkan dua tiga keping syiling 50 sen DDO begini yg menjelaskan syiling2 ini ditempa dari die yg sama..
depankanta akan semak semula koleksi 50 sen 1984,sekiranya terjumpa.mohon dari mnfaj utk copy foto ini untuk digandingkan nanti..
Syabas dan terima kasih banyak2 mnfaj..

The GsK said...

woiitt... gambar gua tu... sila bayar royalti ok... :)) LoL

BEKOK said...

syiling aku tuh.........tukar swap! hahhaha

Dickson Niew said...

Thanks to mnfaj,good photos shot from GSK.
Agreed to whycollect and good luck to depankanta!
Cheers to numismatic,numismatist is not just buying and selling of coins and banknotes!

mnfaj said...

Hi whycollect,
Thank you for your encouragement. And many special thanks to Nu for introducing this section of coins to us, and to me especially. I think we are lucky because many of our DD coins are monstrous. Perhaps it is practical for any collector to start collect "monstrous DD of Malaysia coins". Just my two cents. :)
Thank you whycollect.

mnfaj said...

Salam depankanta,
Seperti yang ditunjukkan spesimen oleh Nu, di tangan saya ada 5 keping syiling 1988 seumpama begini. Ternyata ianya adalah sejenis Doubled Die - tapi mungkin pada skala yang kecil. Sukar dilihat dengan mata kasar. Jika depankanta mahu saya boleh poskan sekeping untuk koleksi depankanta. :)

mnfaj said...

Hehe terima kasih kerana menjadi pembekal syiling ini.

Buat pengetahuan pengunjung blog, Saudara GSK @ Hafiz menpunyai banyak syiling Malaysia yang telah diasingkan mengikut tahun. Jika berhajat untuk membeli set lengkap boleh menghubungi beliau melalui nombor telefon 013 388 2784. Harga yang berpatutan jika menyebut nama saya. Hehe.

mnfaj said...

Jasamu dikenang. :)

mnfaj said...

Hi Dickson,
Thank you for your encouragement. :D

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