Thursday, July 21, 2011

135. Federated Malay States One Cougulant Unit October November 1941

image 1: obverse of 2 stripped units

image 2: obverse of 1 stripped unit

Can these coupons be grouped into numismatic collection?

I try to retain my interest in collecting from growing, but it seems that some items are too elusive to be ignored.

Perhaps these cougulant unit coupons are one of those who had successfully created a new department among my collection family.

The designs of these coupons are really similar like banknotes, and I suppose they are intended for security purposes.

Unfortunately I am unable to find the DECEMBER sister of this set, nor a complete 3 unstripped pieces of these coupons.

Before researching any further about these coupons, does anybody know what is cougulant? Please share your knowledge with us. Thank you in advance. :)


Dani2 said...


This Coagulant Coupons is used For PROCESSING Rubber.The authorities imposed restrictions/permits to purchase coagulant for processing rubber.This coupon issued by the Controller of Rubber on a monthly basis and valid only for the month stated on the coupon. The Coagulant Coupons known to issued in the Federated Malay States, Johor, Kedah and Trengganu.

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