Sunday, August 8, 2010

15. Singapore Merchant Coin Satu Keping 1831 1832

photo: reverse and obverse of the coin

   This coin is a gift from my friend, Kamsar. On the reverse of the coin is a fighting cock, with legend in Jawi "tanah melayu" means "the land of Malays". On the obverse is "Satu Keping 1247".

   When I was referring to the Saran Singh's book, I get confused which one is my coin because there are so many fighting coin varieties and types. Some of them are differentiated according to the tail of the cock. Some have bushy tail, some have tail hanging down straight, curl, etc.But I think most likely this coin is categorized under SS26.

   Made of copper, this coin is having diameter of 21 mm. It was minted in Soho, Birmingham and circulated in trade region in some parts of Singapore, Malacca, Sumatera Island and for sure Sabah, as I got this coin from Sabah.



路人 said...

u still can get saran singh's book?
that is one book i cant find...

mnfaj said...

hi chua,
err actually i only get saran singh's e-book
i downloaded it somewhere in internet, maybe you can try search them, they are in pdf files. Save my money hehe

Anonymous said...

I have 1 pc coin like that.
Effendi Pekanbaru Riau

mnfaj said...

Hi Anon,
This coins are quite common now. But still scarce if you don't know where to look for it. Cheers!

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