Monday, August 2, 2010

12. Myanmar 25 Pya and 10 Pya 1969

     If someone ask me, why do I collect coins and banknotes? This is one of answers that I have in my mind. It helps me to make new friends. Especially on those who come from other countries. I feel blessed that I am studying in university that have a lot of international students.

    I always take the opportunities to talk with international students here. Apart from to increase my language proficiency, I also seek to acquire their coins/banknotes. Most of the time it was them who were being excited the most. I am quite in shock to see they suddenly grabbed and checked their luggage bags to show their country's banknotes or coins to me.

   These are gifts from my friend, Salman and Alieq. I had a long lecture from them about their currency. It is really interesting to me and I will post about it later. They also showed me a wonderful fullset of current Myanmar banknotes, in EF-UNC condition. I will try to ask them to give it to me.  Have you had any experience making friends from our hobby?

photo: 25 Pya

photo: 1969 10 pyas


MGMSabri said...

ya me too.
where are u study now?
i'm at UPM.
Also my international student friend gave their currency note as a gift.
and really exciting having conversation with them.
Talk about history and many things.

路人 said...

Hi there,
and hallo to sabri,
I also make new friends from all over the world through this Hobby....
There are many things that 1 can share through coins and banknotes....other then malaysians history, which to me ...dah jemuk dah...
kenalah tukar taste sikit kan??

mnfaj said...

Hi Sabri,
I am now currently studying at UTM Johor Bharu. It's great for us to have something to talk with them. I remember an Iranian students shown me a piece of Iranian bank-cheque, that have the same purpose as banknote, but in a larger denomination. Until now I wish to acquire that.

Hi Chuayl,
Interesting. What things you share through coins and banknotes other than history part? I occasionally entertain kids with banknotes. I make joke by folding banknote and tickle the barking deer by using the sharp edge of the fold. If the barking deer run, then it is original banknote. Most of the time I made them laugh.

MGMSabri said...

Yup, that rights.
Jokes make me laugh and other people happy.
Sometimes its good for me to release my tense when i still study.
Hehehe...Hope someday can meeting to see the collections.

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