Sunday, May 22, 2011

102. Kelantan 1 keping 1904 SS24

image 1: obverse and reverse of the image
image 2: inscriptions on the coin

Country of Origin: Kelantan ( Now a state, part of Malaysia )
Date: 1904 
Denomination: One Keping
Shape: Round
Orientation: Coin Allignment
Weight: 2.65g, 3.20g, 5.20g
Diameter: 20 - 22 mm
Thickness: -
Composition: Tin
Population: Unknown
Reference: SS 24, P.137
Mint: -
Category: Normal Circulation Coin
Demonetized: Yes
Engraver/Designer: -
Variety: -
Obverse: In Jawi "Belanjaan Kerajaan Kelantan" ( Currency of the Government of Kelantan)
Reverse: In Arabic "Duriba fi Dzul Hijja Sanat 1321" (Minted in Dzul Hijja i.e the 12th month of the Hijra Year 1321 A.H approximately Feb/March 1904)
Edge: Plain


whycollect said...

Wow, you sure got yourself a big collection of tin coins.
Keep it up, mnfaj :)

mnfaj said...

Haha I could not resist from acquiring these tin coins.

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